Re: HTML has, probably, confusing date format

Dear Cyril, dear list members,

Am Freitag, 29. November 2002 06:53 schrieb Cyril:
> What is this, the "00:41 2002-11-26 +0300", Liorean? Is it a weather
> forecast or a credit card information? But it isn't a traditional, human
> date and it isn't the new, next standard, date (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD).
> I can't remember how many those thoroughly researched standards for
> dates existed in my life. Where they are now? And how I have tired!
> Please, leave me the option, the freedom, at least, to choose on my own
> which date format to use.

Pro current format (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD):
- Some people like it.
- ASCII sorting
- Internationalized
- Already implemented
- If you know it's capable of sorting, you really cannot intermix month and 
- It's easy to parse
- It's similar to the date as it is stored in several RDBMS products

Con current format:
- Some people don't like it.
- If you don't know it's for sorting, you /might/ intermix month and day, /as 
long/ as you don't know the format.

Pro new format (Something with three letter english month name abbreviations 
in it)
- Some people like it.
- Month cannot be intermixed with day

Con new format:
- Some people don't like it.
- Not easily sortable (not sortable by simple string comparison)
- Not Internationalized
- Changes in current implementations of User Agents are neccessary
- Complex to parse (though it's not really really complex, but it is 
definitely much more complex than the current one)
- Incompatibility between User Agents while the new format is introduced
- Most current user agents' vendors are still not able to handle HTML 4 or 
HTML 4.01, not speaking of XHTML. Don't do any unneccessary changes in data 
formats until they had time to adopt. (On the other hand: Obviously bad CMM 
levels of user agent vendors must not be a reason to discontinue developing 
of new stanrads.)

Those people that have chosen that time format aren't stupids. They had 
reasonable thoughts to choose that format. probably much more than we just 
collected on the list.
I think most uf us absolutely disqualify to continue discussion on that topic 
for several reasons.

So I suggest to just enhance my Pro/Con-Lists to add the points I missed (I 
must admit that I do have my own opinion and though I tried to be objective 
in the list above I probably failed on that, so let the other party express 
their thoughts) and then quickly stop this thread.

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