Re: HTML has, probably, confusing date format

> shows a structure of that date/string. E. g. Date/Time Formats of
> RFC2616, "Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1", (
> ), section 3.3.

In terms of the ISO 8601 date format, you are objecting at the wrong
time and in the wrong place.  The right time was the mid-1980s, and
the right place was your national standards body, would would have
been a member of ISO.

HTTP dates originate from formats that were designed mainly for
American use, and with the idea that they would be directly seen
by human recipients of email.

A final point, is that one of the reasons for the yyyy-mm-dd format is
that it is not ambiguous, as no coutry uses yyyy-dd-mm.

Received on Friday, 29 November 2002 01:24:48 UTC