Re: name / id attribute usage

OK, let me get back to my original question.  Is it permissible to use
'name' and 'id' on an 'input' element at the same time with different

12.2.3 of HTML 4 says:
"When both attributes [name and id] are used on a single element, their
values must be identical."

But that section is about fragment identifiers, so I was not certain if it
would also apply in the case that the attributes are used on an element not
in that list, e.g. 'input'.

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From: Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky@MIT.EDU

My point was that <input> was left out of the list of controls on which
should be replaced with "id" because there is no way to do this replacement
with <input>, since "id" has to be unique.

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