Re: name / id attribute usage

DW> name is the *only* way of specifying the
DW> name that is submitted to the server!

Yeah, my mistake.  Please disregard that part of my post.

DW> id's are only used for fragment identifiers 
DW> and for document object model operations.

They're used to uniquely identify elements.  Fragment identification is one
application of that.  Selection for styling is another.  That's not exactly
a "DOM operation".

DW> Radio buttons, or multiple forms require the
DW> use of non-unique names, so input elements must 
DW> also support id's which needn't match the name.

Do you have a reference for that in the spec?

DW> Subscribing is easy, and you can use the archives.
DW> People often forget to copy deep into the thread, 
DW> especially old timers who normally do not copy the author.

Then I imagine they especially will appreciate my reminder.

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