Re: name / id attribute usage

> 'name' and 'id' attributes.  As you are probably aware, some existing
> (popular) user agents do not properly treat the 'id' value as the control
> name of a form element (e.g. 'input'), so it is a practicaly necessity to

Which user agents are broken and use id?  (That's rhetorical; the answer
is off topic.)

> use the 'name' attribute.  By the same token, the id attribute must be used

name is the *only* way of specifying the name that is submitted to the

> This section is about fragment identifiers.  Although it does not say so,

id's are only used for fragment identifiers and for document object
model operations.

> is this statement true only in context when using 'name' / 'id' to create
> fragment identifiers?  Or is it true in general, precluding the
> simultaneous use of 'name' and 'id' on, say, an 'input' element?

Radio buttons, or multiple forms require the use of non-unique names, so
input elements must also support id's which needn't match the name.

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