sound on event

Is there any discussion around the need for 'sound on event' ?

Our site is a directory for people with severe 
learning difficulties, who cannot read or write.
many of our users benefit from a sound onmouseover, firstly it helps 
understanding of links(any sound becomes associated with a link), 
secondly it aids understanding of the graphics used as links("music" 
becomes associated with a 'note' icon).


Does anyone know a method that works for Mozilla?
(I've had this listed as a bug/wish for a number of years)

Our current method only works for IE
We currently use a workaround(bgsound + javascript) so that IE users 
can hear a sound description as they 'mouseover' links.


Assuming we plan to break* XHTML 1.1 (because we use bgsound) will this 
really mean  the page wont display?
Is there a workaround? javascript is no good, because people may have 
javascript disabled....



Received on Monday, 18 November 2002 08:02:15 UTC