Re: line breaks vs. line elements (comments on XHTML 2.0 text module)

On 11/7/02 11:16 AM, "Bertilo Wennergren" <> wrote:

> Tantek Çelik:
>> math { display:block }
>> No need for a purely presentational <br/> in this example.
> Well, actually the code example provided seems to suggest that a break
> is desired _before_ the math element, but _not after it_.

Actually, the original post makes it quite clear that display:block is what
is desired:

 In writing content that
 has images, equations, or other figures embedded inside a paragraph
 <em>(where  said figure takes up the entire column width),</em>

<em>phasis mine.

That implies there is no text on the same line as the <math> element, either
before or after it, thus there is effectively a break desired before _and_
after, thus display:block.

Oh, and if you preferred just a break before, you could do that as well:

 math:before { display:block }


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