Re: line breaks vs. line elements (comments on XHTML 2.0 text mod ule)

Peter Foti (PeterF) wrote:
> Perhaps I am misunderstanding the problem that you are describing, but it
> seems to me that this solution would work:
> <p>The displacements of the membrane
> under load are described by the equations
> <line>
> <math>
> [two fancy math expressions were here]
> </math>
> </line>
> where r is the radial coordinate, a is the
> radius of the clamping edge, w is the
> transverse...</p>

That seems like the most logical markup to me. At least if we don't have 
displaymath-element ;)

> Accorind to the XHTML Text Module
> (
> "It contains a piece of text that when visually represented should start on
> a new line, and have a line break at the end. Whether the line should wrap
> or not visually depends on styling properties of the element"

So the default rendering of line element can be described in CSS as
line { display: block; }
and the only difference to div element is that line is allowed inside p. 
Is this correct?


Received on Thursday, 7 November 2002 14:28:20 UTC