RE: Suggestion: change abbr to full word

On 2002-11-04, Jelks Cabaniss uttered to

>At one time, I thought short names were a problem too: what the heck is
>a <ul>?  But I've come to realize that names aren't the problem; after
>all, a number of folks (perhaps the majority) routinely use <blockquote>
>to indent. :)

To me the issue seems exceedingly simple -- either you use a WYSIWYG
editor with a nice GUI, or you code by hand. In the former case, what the
actual tags are called is completely irrelevant, a point well made by the
original poster. From the viewpoint of storage and memory consumption,
parsing speed and we who actually maintain sites in a vanilla text editor,
shorter is better. Shorter tags are a pure win.
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