I was reading XHTML and i came across 3 questions:
In XHTML 1.0 I did not understand if I cloud use or not the id and name
attributes, but I guess I can because of browsers that don’t understand
the id attribute. Is this correct?
The white space in attributes can they be used or should they be used or
what do you mean? I did not understand this part, please if possible
send a example of the correct and of the incorrect.
Last question, this one makes me feel stupid but I have to ask. XHTML
uses all the tags of the HTML 4.01 specifications, but with the
restriction on the recommendation. I am going to teach XHTML so, I must
teach HTML with those (example casecensitive etc…
Thanks for the attention, e will read more and post a question on the
other documents after your replie.
Thanks again
André Ferreira 
Country - Portugal

Received on Friday, 17 May 2002 01:50:48 UTC