Re[2]: usemap in XHTML 1.1 no longer a URI?!


>> > Pop-up ads which mimic the look of operating system's error messages.
>> if the browser lets a web app mimic the os, it's a bug.

JH> Wait, that's silly. Browsers are supposed to parse HTML and images and
JH> assess whether the end result looks like an OS message?

Not so silly.
I think, you misunderstood.
I met lot of ad-banners, with:
'Your internet connection is too slow', or similary.
The formula:
1. Take an SDK (Visual Basic, Delphi, etc.)
2. Make a form, that resembles to an error message
   (e.g. Warning message, exclamation mark icon, etc)
3. Capture from screen
4. Let it image (jpeg, or animated gif)
5. Embed it into an HTML page

So, what novice users see?
Error message.


Miklos Monostory
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Received on Thursday, 28 February 2002 10:05:43 UTC