Re: usemap in XHTML 1.1 no longer a URI?!

Peter Sheerin wrote:
> I understand why some people hate multiple windows poping up, but
> there are cases where I think it improves the user experience. Take
> a look at, for example. If I'm reading his blog and come
> across a link that I want to visit, i *like* the fact that his links
> open in a separate window, allowing me to explore those sites in
> detail, and then easily return to his blog when I'm ready.

That is a good reason for openning new windows, and that reason sounds 
even better when you couple it with novice users. How many browsers 
come with manuals? How many users read them? Opening links in  new 
browser windows when you're still reading the text containing those 
links is a good idea, but how many novice browser users (like those 
who purchase a personal computer just to "surf the web") know how to 
open links in new browser windows?

Plus, there are many pitfalls on the web for novice browser users. 
Unsecure forms that ask for their credit card info. Pop-up ads which 
mimic the look of operating system's error messages. And web pages 
which use Javascript or even a META refresh of zero seconds to 
forward visitors to another page while making it difficult for them 
to use their browser's back button to return to where they started.

This last reason is another good reason for openning links in a new 
window: novice users unfamiliar with their browser.

And that's my opinion on the matter.


Received on Tuesday, 26 February 2002 09:21:01 UTC