RE: Why bother?

Andrew McFarland wrote:

> >This is 2002 (not 1994), which makes one wonder whether this whole
> >thing isn't just a giant parody of hypocrisy (at best)...
> In any organization with more than one person there will be
> different opinions. Almost certainly, all the W3 member 
> organizations have people who go for HTML that `works' 
> rather than HTML that is valid. 

"Works" and "Valid" aren't mutually exclusive! :)

But there is yet no killer app which *requires* valid (much less
well-formed) markup in web pages.  Until (and *if*!) there is, and the
Dreamweavers and Frontpages perceive such a need, valid markup will
remain the domain of an miniscule niche.

It also doesn't help in that

	a) SGML was deemed unwieldy for markup-for-the-web, and
	b) XML's foundations are being demolished and rebuilt as we

It will be a long time coming before the Dawn. ...  :)


Received on Monday, 25 February 2002 13:57:34 UTC