Re: Why bother?

The website you site says:
"I do consider the w3c membership to be quite representative of today's "big
business", however, and this is why I also find this validity data
interesting. "

hmmmm.... do you think reality might be rearing it's ugly head  (heaven

Let's make the web accessible to everybody but popular browser users!

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> Has anyone else seen this? ...
>    "As it happens, out of the 506 w3c members, only eighteen
>    have web sites that validate with the w3c validator as
>    either html or xhtml. 141 members proudly display sites
>    with definite markup errors; a whopping 342 sites couldn't
>    be tested at all because of lacking dtd definitions."
> This is 2002 (not 1994), which makes one wonder whether this whole thing
> isn't just a giant parody of hypocrisy (at best)...
> /Jelks

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