Re: HR: structure or presentation?

"Christian Wolfgang Hujer" <> wrote:

> > I'm looking for opinions or facts about whether the HR element is
> > a structural element (used to separate blocks of content) or
> > presentational one (used to visually separate blocks of content)?

> in my eyes the <hr/>-element is presentational, though I still sometimes
> it in XHTML Basic. For adding structure, <div/> with a stylesheet adding
> bottom- or top-border serves much better.

I understand not a few people recognize <hr/> shows a kind of structure,
but M12N of XHTML[1] defines it in "Presentation Module" as one of
Text Extension Modules. XHTML Basic is based on M12N and is not
intended to be rich or backward compatible, so <hr/> and "Presentation
Module" are not be included. Of course, you can define new language
based on XHTML Basic and including "Presentation Module" or just
<hr/>. :-)



Shinichi Matsui

Received on Thursday, 14 February 2002 19:27:10 UTC