Questions about making an OMNI-COMPATIBLE site

I'm 14 years old and I'm moderately experienced with (X)HTML, CSS, and

My theory for designing my company's website is to make seperate but similar
"versions" of my website that will enable my site to work well on any given
browser (for example: not all CSS works the same in ome versions Internet
Explorer as in some versions of Netscape, so I would make two seperate,
compatible "versions" of the site, but with the same content.)  My main page
(index.html) will redirect the user to the appropriate version for their
browser using Javascript (if their browser doesn't support Javascript, there is
a link to go top a non-Javascript version.)

I plan on having 50+ pages.  Should I really go through the trouble of
designing at least five versions of my site?  Or will that be too tough when I
decide to redesign?

Please give me your advice!

Thanks in advance,
David Bindel, TX (

P.S. My goal is to attend MIT and join the W3C!

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Received on Tuesday, 27 March 2001 23:04:41 UTC