Re: XHTML Namespace Schema

> I was just wondering is the XHTML namespace [1] would have
> a dereferencable schema made available at that URL when
> XHTML m12n [2] is recast into XML Schemas [3]? It would
> make sense to have an XHTML 1.1 [4] schema made available
> there,

Let me iterate this a bit now to avoid questions later...

It says at the namespace itself [1] currently [2] that "an XHTML
Schema will someday live here", plus the NS is already in an XSD
format. However, there is no documentation elsewhere available that
even hints towards this.

Notwithstanding that fact, the main purpose of my original email was
to query "what would be the nature and purpose of such a schema?".
That sounds rather RDDL-ish [3], doesn't it? Anyway, to iterate the
iteration... what family of XHTML will be represented there, and what
would the purpose of such a schema be - validation, documentation, or

[2] No date stamp available, but see the time that I sent my message
for a rough guess:-
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     [...] Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 02:40:00 -0000
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