RE: Make Microsoft follow the spec.


For whatever it's worth, I learned quite a bit from the flame-war. You are
both truly experts in HTML and at least the parts of CSS and DHTML you each
chose to include in your browsers : ). I have had browser compatability
problems in the past. (generally I have just punted to JavaScript and let
older browsers be damned).

As a designer, I would have paid hundreds of dollars to see you both debate
the merits of your respective browsers at a conference. On this chain, all
it cost me was about an hour of that annoying "PING" everytime I get

John Haser
Robson Lapina, Inc.

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> > -Chris Wilson
> >  Speaking for myself, and done speaking on this issue.  I have work to
> do.
> I would like to apologize to the group and to Chris.  I was in a bad way
> when I
> wrote those posts.  While I do harbor negative thoughts toward MS in
> general, it
> was unfair of me to take that out on Chris.  I won't go through, point by
> point,
> and agree or disagree with what has been said already.
> I just wanted to make a public apology for what I see as bad form on my
> part.
> And one last word of advice:  Don't drink and surf.
> --Scott E. Lee
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