Re: JHTML: Forgot

> I'm not sure if I know exactly what you mean. Can I pass data through the
> url to the JavaScript-routine? And what, for example, does the routine do
> with it? And is it server- or clientside? [is there something like
> 'serverside javaScript'?]

well passing it via a html page would most likely (unless the server is
configured to interpret request for an html document differently)
take that querysting and process it client-side with javasript to determine
whatever you'd like to do depending on the value that
have just been passed in to the page

> I tried running your script to see it work but I got some errors wich I
> couldn't solve straight away.

Netscape supports as well. try the following.

function QueryString(name,value){;
if (qs!=""){
var qs=qs.substr(1,qs.length).split("&");
var qsArr=new Array();
for (var i=0;i<qs.length;i++){
  var qsArr=qsArr.concat(new QueryString(name,value))
for (var i=0;i<qsArr.length;i++){
 document.writeln (qsArr[i].name+":"+qsArr[i].value+"<br>");

> [By the way: is asp comparable to CGI? I use that myself]

the main thing that ASP had over CGI was that the application uses a shared
object across the server instead of running that app upon every request
which CGI was doing up until the introduction of variations of perl/python
cgi add-ons for servers that try to do similiar things.
the other important thing will be the fact that ASP uses HTML and
server-side script in a "mixed" mode to make life easier for developers
and HTML coders to do their mojo separately and collaborate. Until the
introduction of chil-asp and the like that enables the use of asp on apache
servers, it was pretty much an IIS on NT thing... I don't know how many
people actually user child-asp to use asp on apache servers...


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