See the problem is IE 5 is a cuntor Microsoft have hidden IE 4 downloasd
very well and if you have a computer with IE on it chances are its been or
will be upgraded to IE 5. I myself hated it to start with as it wasnt
descriptive enough in the error messages generated... 

But after a reinstall I didnt have my cds and IE5 it had to be.  

I can believe those statistics especially if it is from a deveopment site. 

However I have had some coding which worked in IE4 and not as well in IE5
but this was on one of the early beta releases. 

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Thanks for the list.

Counting up the percentages in your list I come to a total of 108,04%.
I must say that I can hardly believe the 58.6% for MSIE 5.x --> Are you sure
it's that high?


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IE 3.0+ support frames and NN 2.x+ support frames.
As of last Friday browser statistics were:
---- Browser usage breakdown, who uses what specific type of browser
58.6% = MSIE 5.x and up
28.8% = MSIE 4.x
17.5% = Netscape 4.x
1.4% = MSIE 3
1% = Netscape 3
.7% = MSIE 2
.02% = Netscape 2
.02% = Opera 3

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