Re: Keep the font tag

"[DJW:]  The content model for TD and TH is %flow, which
includes %block, which includes %heading, so headings
are legal in tables, and given that you are going to use
tables to simulate positioned sections, they are the
correct thing to use. (HTML 4.01)"

I think the implication is that while it may be correct, it may not look
correctin most UA's, because there's usually a linebreak placed after the
headline in the rendering, so if an Hn element is used, and it's the only
thing in that table cell, then it will not look right at all... I think...
but yeah, go CSS. It was okay to support old browsers two years ago, but
we're now reaching a point where the fourth generation of web browsers _is_
the older generation.


Received on Wednesday, 3 May 2000 18:26:42 UTC