Re: ANNOUNCE: XHTML mailing list at eGroups

Dear Simon,

At 10:46 -0400 3/05/2000, Simon St.Laurent wrote:
>Among other things, separate hosting can make it clear that we're focused
>on implementation, not developing the specs themselves (though XML-Dev has
>certainly blurred those lines.)

maybe, you're a little bit wrong. I agree with you that it could be 
usefull if the community could have discussion about xhtml 
implementation and not developping the specs, BUT one of W3C's goals 
is the promotion of the specs.  There's sense for a mailing list on 
the subject at W3C.
I agree with Dan, the domain name means nothing, but the support for 
the list's management is very important. eGroups is a private 
company. What about the archives when they will change their chart 
for economic reason, or private interests ???

>for discussing and implementing them.  There are an enormous number of Web
>technology-focused lists outside the W3C, and I think they complement the
>W3C's own offerings.

	Yes, sure and it's great. It's why the web is so successfull. 
But if you have a proposal with the choice between eGroups or W3C as 
operators, there's IMHO only one answer.

>talking about XHTML.  I hope very much that XHTML-L will be a constructive
>part of the Web community, and that members of the W3C community in
>particular will feel welcome.

	I hope too, and it will be :-)

Karl Dubost -
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