request to shunt discussion


Thank you for your help with the numerous messages originating 
with readers of the device upload petition.  Most of them were 
probably not initially subscribers, so it was nice of you to 
so diligently post them all.

Although I wouldn't call the response overwhelming, I agree 
that there is little purpose in continuing to solicit any more 
such input until Dr. Pemberton and the W3C staff publish the 
final list of flaw issues.  Even then, I want to reassure you 
that I do not intend to ask people to send mail to the www-html 
list.  I am changing the petition to ask people to send mail 
to the www-forms list instead.  That is the more "on-topic" 
list for most device upload topics, but mail I had sent to 
that list never appeared, which is why I didn't choose it in 
the first place.

So, I'd like to ask that you please join me in this effort for 
the benefit of everyone that doesn't want to see petition 
responses on www-html any more, and resend any further 
first-time posts to www-html on the topic to 
instead.  Thank you.


Received on Friday, 3 March 2000 21:19:55 UTC