Re: Device upload for all platforms -- the official HTML WG position

Dear Dr. Pemberton,

Thank you for your reply:

>> I am sure we both want to resolve this.  Would you please list all
>> the flaws of which you are aware -- with as little or as much detail
>> as you have time for -- along with, when available, how they could
>> be fixed?  I promise you I will devote my efforts to your comments
>> until you are satisfied that they are resolved, but I do need your
>> help to understand which issues you consider flaws.
> I will do it on two conditions that you have to promise to:
>   That I never, ever, have to repeat it again.

Agreed; this is preferable for us both.

>   That you stop hassling the HTML WG and spreading mistruths.

While I don't know what you consider hassling, and fear the subjectivity 
of the term could be used to call my trustworthyness in to question, I 
promise that, too.  You understand, better than most, that reasonable 
people are capable of honest disagreements on both political and 
technical matters.

I look forward to the final list of issues and the opportunity to 
address them conconclusivly.


Received on Thursday, 2 March 2000 15:30:40 UTC