Re: Device upload for all platforms -- the official HTML WG position

From: "James P. Salsman" <>
> Device upload -- of any kind -- has not yet been implemented in Opera.

Which is not actually the fault of the HTML WG.

> You know that the CTO of Opera software has said they will wait for a
> W3C Recommendation (or Working Draft) on device upload.

I checked with him at the time that you made this claim. He actually said
that they wouldn't implement your proposal unless it was a W3C

> Opera, even
> on Windows, will not interpret MSIE OBJECT or Netscape EMBED tags which
> are used for microphone upload on those browsers under Windows.  There
> is simply no browser on Mac or Linux (other than my experimental
> build of pre-gecko Mozilla) which is capable of even microphone upload.

Which is not to say that it can't be done.

> I am sure we both want to resolve this.  Would you please list all
> the flaws of which you are aware -- with as little or as much detail
> as you have time for -- along with, when available, how they could
> be fixed?  I promise you I will devote my efforts to your comments
> until you are satisfied that they are resolved, but I do need your
> help to understand which issues you consider flaws.

I will do it on two conditions that you have to promise to:

    That I never, ever, have to repeat it again.
    That you stop hassling the HTML WG and spreading mistruths.

I will then spend the time to reanalyse your document.

Best wishes,

Steven Pemberton
Chair, W3C HTML WG

Received on Thursday, 2 March 2000 08:40:19 UTC