Re: "Finding" www-html (was: Flash)

Arjun Ray, at 02:04 -0500 on Sun, 17 Dec 2000, wrote:

    So, the reasonable hypothesis is that these people did *not* read
    this.  Which raises the question: then how did they get on the
    list to begin with?  And the answer seems to be: some bogotic
    RTFM-challenged "service" did it for them, automatically.  As Dan
    and the rest of us surmise, they just clicked on something
    somewhere, not realizing that they were not being done a favor.
One possible solution is that it is just too easy to subscribe others
without requiring confirmation.  Perhaps the list management should
institute requiring subscription-confirmations.  This would help not only
auto-subscribing by "services", but also if the user just follows a
mailto: link to the service, and the mailer sends automatically or
requiring little user attention/intervention.

Frank Tobin

Received on Sunday, 17 December 2000 01:06:17 UTC