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OK, here's the problem. I'm sure there are both programmers and designers,
like myself, on this list. Both are taught differently. As a designer, your
taught to not consider the possible coding scenario and focus on the look of
the site. You know, don't let medium stop you. So there will always
obviously be some contradiction.

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on 12/14/00 1:39 PM, Charles F. Munat at wrote:

Yes, and no. Really, the initial question is a bad one. Web page layout
standards? If layout is what you're thinking when you *start* to build a Web
page, then you're going about it all wrong. You've misunderstood the nature
of the medium.

When you set out to build a Web "page" (really a document on the Web), you
should first consider the structure of the document itself. Write the page
in clean, commented, valid XHTML strict, using whitespace, blank lines, and
indentation to make your code readable. Mark up the parts of your document
properly, i.e., paragraphs in <p> elements, headings in <hn> elements and
nested properly, etc. Leave out all formatting. Don't even think about how
the page will look! That includes not using <br> elements to add space or
tables for layout!

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