Re: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here! (was: RE: margin element s)

I can certainly cite ways in which NS6 is seriously defective :

1) Changing the profile at the point of installation causes
   it to crash out (reliably, on my system); the profile
   /can/ be used the next time NS6 is run;

2) The dialogue boxes which appear during profile configuration
   /still/ overlap and are therefore unreadable at times.

Both of these faults affected all PR versions, and of course
the auto-fault-reporter isn't active in time to catch the
profile-changing bug.

Smaller gripes (but enough to persuade me that I can't use it
as an NS 4.76 replacement) are that user interactions no
longer follow platform standards, so even the normal
necessary and sufficient sequence of mouse actions needed
to (for example) highlight the entire location bar so that
its contents can be replaced no longer work and one has
to establish (by trial and error) what sequence /is/ necessary
and sufficient.

Philip Taylor, RHBNC.

"Charles F. Munat" wrote:
> I haven't had any serious problems with Netscape 6 at all, so this is
> depressing news. Have others had similar experiences? Could Netscape be
> persuaded to fix the problems quickly before too many people download it?
> Just because things don't work perfectly doesn't mean we should have to wait
> for version 7 for a fix. 6.1 could do it.
> Then again, I'm more worried that IE 6 will go the wrong direction.
> Can you provide more specific examples? How can I crash NS6? What causes it
> to behave poorly?
> (BTW, you're quoting me, not Daniel Koger.)
> Charles Munat,
> Seattle

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