Re: html and dreamweaver

Yes, I take Dave's point; I was following the
apparent intent of the original posting which had 
the words  "select the text" :  I was thinking of 
selecting a stretch of text from a document
that already had the relevant high-level (instrinsic, HTML)
tags and adding semantics to a stretch of text that was not 
otherwise marked/delimited.

** Phil.
Dave J Woolley wrote:

>         span and div should be treated as last resorts.  The
>         class should, as far as possible, be added to an element
>         that indicates the semantics.  In many cases that means that
>         span classes (or styles) should really go on em or strong and
>         that div ones should go on p or Hn.
>         In terms of the HTML model, the user interface ought to prompt
>         for class as an attribute of em, strong etc.; however a compromise,
>         for those who can't think well in terms of the standard elements,
>         would be to have the default element type as a pseudo attribute of
>         the style.
>         The use of span and div as holder for styles is the result
>         of a trivial conversion from <font face=...>.  They are not there
>         as a carrier for formatting, but rather for structures that don't
>         match any of the standard elements.
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