RE: html and dreamweaver

> From:	Philip TAYLOR [SMTP:P.Taylor@Rhbnc.Ac.Uk]
> Surely the way of the future (and the sooner the better) is 
> "select the text, click the "class" extensible drop-down menu, 
>  choose or add the appropriate class, and then [it] puts <span> or <div>
> tags
	Not really HTML, more authoring tools, but...

	span and div should be treated as last resorts.  The
	class should, as far as possible, be added to an element
	that indicates the semantics.  In many cases that means that
	span classes (or styles) should really go on em or strong and
	that div ones should go on p or Hn.

	In terms of the HTML model, the user interface ought to prompt
	for class as an attribute of em, strong etc.; however a compromise,
	for those who can't think well in terms of the standard elements, 
	would be to have the default element type as a pseudo attribute of
	the style.

	The use of span and div as holder for styles is the result
	of a trivial conversion from <font face=...>.  They are not there
	as a carrier for formatting, but rather for structures that don't
	match any of the standard elements.


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