Re: Add new tags to HTML

On Tue, 25 May 1999, Nicolas Lesbats wrote:

> Hi,
> Add new tags in HTML seems to not interest a lot of people any more, but I
> think there still is some things to do.
> Here I give you the in-my-opinion-missing tags :
> 1. Format titles of books, movies, etc.
> Traditionally, titles are rendering italic. We can code them by <em> but
> is there really a semantically good solution ?

There is a solution, the CITE element.

> 3. Clear the <q>'s meaning
> Some browsers render <q> with quotes, other without. So, this tag is
> not usable ! CSS2 is not enough implemented and known to correct the
> problem. So, there is too something to do with that. Isn't there ?

The meaning of Q is clear. Browsers have to display it with
quots. You can send bug reports to browsers who claim to
implement HTML4.0 and do not do so. 

Nir Dagan 

Received on Tuesday, 1 June 1999 06:05:26 UTC