Add new tags to HTML


Add new tags in HTML seems to not interest a lot of people any more, but I
think there still is some things to do.

Here I give you the in-my-opinion-missing tags :

1. Format titles of books, movies, etc.

Traditionally, titles are rendering italic. We can code them by <em> but
is there really a semantically good solution ?

I would prefer <work> or something like that (the exact term is to be

2. More important : express distance with the text

Traditionally rendered by quotes. You express doubts about what you are
saying. The linguistical, french term is "distanciation" (I suppose it too
exists in english), and it is opposed with "accentuation" ("emphasize",
rendered by <em>).

This is really a missed characteristic. We could imagine a tag like <dis>
(from the latin "separed from", like dis-tance), or more specifically
<expr> (like "expression"), or another word, it's not the word itself
which is important, but its signification.

What do you think about that ? (was there already a discussion about ?)

3. Clear the <q>'s meaning

Some browsers render <q> with quotes, other without. So, this tag is
not usable ! CSS2 is not enough implemented and known to correct the
problem. So, there is too something to do with that. Isn't there ?


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