Re: Goals of HTML (and XML)? (was Re: Foreign Words and Phrases.

On 25 Sep 97, Markku Savela <> wrote:
> [..]
> The 'class' attribute also takes HTML dangerously close to application
> specific tagging systems. "<span class=taxon> ... </span>" is very
> close to "<taxon> ... </taxon>". Perhaps this is the right way to
> proceed in some cases: you can have WEB document and logical document
> in the same source (without needing to define a new SGML application
> and DTD). Then, one might question what we need XML for?

Since many academic disciplines (such as in psychology/psychiatry) have 
their own way of marking up printed documents and papers, it makes sense 
for a standard CSS (and DSSSL?) style sheet to emerge with a reserved
namespace of classes.

Using SGML/XML makes more sense, but HTML browsers are more widely 


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