Re: Foreign Words and Phrases

Cris writes:
   In English typography, at least, foreign words should always be
   italicized; the only ones that aren't are loanwords that aren't reall=
   foreign any more.

   I believe that this is a kind of emphasis, and I would use, <em
   class=3D"foreign" lang=3D"la">e.g.</em>, ... that.

This must be a FAQ by now :-) I would disagree: HTML3 explicitly had
<LANG> for this, but foreign words are not emphasis, so I use <I> ...
but then I rarely author in HTML now: I tend to use DocBook or TEI or
NITF and convert to HTML for those documents aimed at public Web
consumption (I have a lot of private users running Panorama or
MultiDoc Pro, and Pano is reported to be coming for UNIX and Mac

   Given the poverty of HTML tags, it really is a judgement call on the
   author's part.



Received on Wednesday, 24 September 1997 05:19:43 UTC