Re: Netscape Plug-ins and <OBJECT>

---jptxs <> wrote:
> At 01:16 PM 9/19/97 -0700, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
> >If it weren't for text-only browsers, I would want height and width
> >become *required* attributes...
> ::shyly admitting ignorance he asked::
> why would the height and width being reqired mess with the text only
> browsers?  would they allocate the space for an image they cannot
show? if
> so, this seems rather silly.  there must be some way to make them
only be
> able to see the ALT attribute and therefore not have a problem with
> height and width.
Odd, I thought exactly the opposite was meant. The way I read that, if
you run across a page that doesn't have height and width tags (thereby
slowing the display in graphics browers), you can always look at the
following text with a text browser, which ignores the image anyway.
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Received on Sunday, 21 September 1997 14:43:52 UTC