Re: IMG ALT attribute in HTML 4.0

---Rob <> wrote:
> So use something like &lt;IMG SRC="border.gif" ALT="Decorative
> to let users know the image is decorative. Since the image is purely 
> decorative, in the future it can be defined using style sheets
This is infinitely more annoying in the middle of some text than
something like Lynx's usual rendering of [INLINE], as it gives the
reader just as little information, without it being as obvious that
there isn't anything important there.
> Somewhat, but when bandwidth isn't a problem, it isn't as stupid.
> Some formats such as GIF and PNG allow comments to be embedded
> near the beginning of the file.
If you've ever run across a site that has meaningful comments embedded
in image files, I'd like to see it. Also, when do you see bandwidth no
longer being a problem?
> The problem I see is that suddenly pages with no ALT= text for their 
> images will have bizarre messages like "(c) 1997 XYZ, Inc." or more 
> embarrassingly  "FooBar Imagizer. Unregistered version." extracted
> from the comments.
Exactly...that's about the extent of image comments.
> > What is `file name'?
> The URL without the protocol, server, port, and path. So
>   &lt;IMG SRC="">
> Would show up as
>   "border"
Again, this is entirely as meaningless as [INLINE], while breaking up
text into completely garbled segments, as it's much less obvious that
it isn't part of the actual text.

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