Re: My collected comments on the HTML 4.0 draft

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Arnaud Le Hors wrote:

> In the first paragraph I find:
> > Instead of being an
> > all-inclusive attempt to define an improved version of HTML, the hypertext markup language for the World Wide Web, it
> > appears to be the product of evolution by mutations and vendor-driven selection.
> This sentence clearly shows your misunderstanding of what W3C is all
> about. I don't know what you expect but you shouldn't be surprised that
> HTML 4.0 is vendor-driven

Who said I was surprised? I _am_ surprised now that you admit it,
especially since seems to give a different

I merely characterized the HTML 4.0 draft. And I was just stating
something, not blaiming anyone. It seems that I stated a fact.

I did not expect the Spanish inquisition to scrutinize my understanding
when I sent my comments. Luckily the autoreply message from was quite nice and polite.


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