Re: stupid multiple definitions for the TYPE attribute

Jordan Reiter rote:
   renderings would definitely put a burden on the browser maker.  What I
   wonder is this:
     1) are there any other style types in the works (I haven't heard of any)

Indeed there is: DSSSL, the Document Style and Semantics Specification
Language (ISO 10179) defines a formatting language (and other stuff)
which James Clark (of nsgmls fame) has implemented in Jade, which
turns your SGML into RTF or TeX according to your stylesheet. DSSSL is
likely to be the way XML will go (IMHO, eventually). There's a very
good tutorial at

     2) if there are, shouldn't there be some way to use more than one
        style in a page?

No, because there's no way yet for them to know what each other's
doing. How would you prevent them interfering? If one stylesheet says
<P> is indented 24pt and the other says it's indented 18pt what is the
browser expected to do (21pt? :-) ???


Received on Sunday, 7 September 1997 18:45:04 UTC