Re: stupid multiple definitions for the TYPE attribute

   I think this is not the right solution.  We could end up with
   a forest of -type attributes like style-type, script-type, maybe

If you look inthe HTML4.0 index of attributes (at least in the version
I downloaded; I have only a 14.4, and feel have have better things
to do with my time than constantly retrieve the latest version of the
specs), you'll find that the `type' attribute can mean at least three
things; one for forms, another for OBJECT, and a third thing with
inline style.

From my perspective, I'd prefer to have different attribute names when
different meanings are used.  But maybe for you having TYPE mean
three different things is easier than having to parse three different

   Why can't a single declaration at the top of the document declare
   the style language being used?  Have I missed a proposal to allow
   users to specify the style content per element?  That would be a
   very bad thing from a browser maker's point of view.

The HTML 4.0 spec provides a way to set the default style sheet language
for the document using HTTP headers (ugh) or with META HTTP-EQUIV;
most if not all tags can have a STYLE= attribute in that language
(for inline CSS; I don't know how it works for other style languages)
with TYPE= specifying the language if the document default needs to be

Received on Sunday, 7 September 1997 20:55:26 UTC