Re: HTML Streaming

The Web page Albert mentioned said:
   >   it's streaming.  When you're watching a QuickTime movie on the
   >   Internet, it's not, because it has to be fully downloaded before
   >   you can play it.

Jordan replied:
   It does?  Hmmm... apparently, they haven't heard that QuickTime movies
   *can* be made streamable.  Streamable files have to be in a special,
   particular format,

I was puzzled by it too, because I thought they'd fixed that. Actually
I don't think the data has to be in any special format, but it
requires the addition of milestones or clockmarks to enable the
protocol used to do the streaming to synchronize itself.

   and SGML languages just can't fit into that format.  So,
   no streaming, period.

I don't think that's correct: if you use a streaming protocol to send
data, the actual data itself is not really relevant. It may be a non-
productive or non-meaningful thing to do, but that's a long way from
saying it's not possible.

It's moot anyway, seeing as you can stream QuickTime, and there's
no obvious demand for SGML to be streamed right now.

There could be some time, though...have you ever seen the size of some
CALS or ATA2100 manuals? :-)


Received on Tuesday, 2 September 1997 18:38:04 UTC