Re: HTML Streaming

At 04:54 PM 9/2/97 -0400, Jordan Reiter wrote:
>I think one possible solution can be made that sidesteps both Albert Fine's
>tag recommendations and the consternation of many in the list who don't
>think streaming is worth it.  How about this idea: simple first, complex

i agree whole-heartedly.  fortunately, this already happens to a large extent.
as you said
>Right now, most pages load up faster than you can read

>  * create simpler table layouts with fewer cells (the fewer the cells, the
>    faster the download).  Using a standard three column design, you need
>  probably a maximum of only 9 cells, which doesn't take long to render.

with the advent of the style sheet this can now become a very realistic
expectation because less authors will use tables as design and layout
elements and will most likely use them for their original purpose...tables :)

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