Re: HTML Streaming (Benjamin Franz) wrote:

>configured to use mono-spaced fonts for everything such as Lynx on a text
>oriented terminal. It doesn't really matter where you got it from. 

I use MSIE. I was mistaken. I thought Peter asked about text terminals.

>This means that saying a paragraph is '200 characters' tells me *NOTHING*
>about how much screen territory it will take. It could consist of nothing

It is characters and spaces. It tells you something. If you assume an average

word length, you can derive even more. I did note, in an earlier post, a
of error.

>but '.' characters and fit into *one* line. It could consist of 'W'
>characters and take 4 lines. It could have variable font metrics created
>by stylesheet considerations. It could have usage of FONT that makes it

I am currently designing a global way of describing all pre rendering 
attributes for the events tag. This includes describing text and would 
replace the character and space description I was forced to give with the 
example. It is not impossible. It will probably not be global; font 
portability is a big problem. I am sure you can come up with some exception 
to the standards that I am working on. I think Panose typeface matching shows
the most promise. You can also you a base typeface. If you assume that the
text will will break, you can compress the description. Again, I am currently
designing these protocols.

Albert Fine

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