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>portability is a big problem. I am sure you can come up with some exception 
>to the standards that I am working on. I think Panose typeface matching shows
>the most promise. You can also you a base typeface. If you assume that the
>text will will break, you can compress the description. Again, I am currently
>designing these protocols.

i'm still working on why this whole 'streaming' [your word] idea would be
useful.  when i thought you had some connection to Double-Click, it made
sense.  the add image at the top of the page would render first and then
the rest letting the ad have more time to sink in while the rest of the
page loaded, devious; but at least it had a point.  now i don't see much
point to it at all.  all the description you propose can be handled by the
current META structures and CSS, and, as for loading while downloading, as
things stand text will come accross quite quickly even across low bandwidth
connections and images soon after so long as the graphic work is done

what is it you want to do??  
have the page load sequentially--top to bottom?
this sounds like a victory for the ad banner to me and rouses some amount
of suspicion.
have the page simply load quicker?
one should hope cable modems and next generation bandwidth solutions will
tend to this in short order over the next two years.
make the page render more efficiently?
i cannot see how this EVENT _element_ would accomplish this.

having read this thread from the start i will request that your response
not be a reference back to a previous message of yours, a quibble about
terminology or any trivialization of the queston of your exact intentions
with this proposal.

please realize i am just very fustrated with this whole thread and
desperate to understand WHY it is occuring at all.  so an explanation of
your end goals would be very nice.

Thank You. 

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