Re: Need info on Remote Scripting

On Fri, 26 Dec 1997, Venkat wrote:

> Is there anyway for the browser to send a request to server but not to
> receive an HTM in return ?
> To be more clear - I am just trying to call a function which is nothing
> but an ASP page that resides on server. The call is being made from a
> client-side script function. But I find that every time a request is
> sent to the server, the client is forced to receive an HTM page in
> response.

Theoretically such thing exist. If you look through HTTP responce codes,
one of them is KEEP_PAGE (or some such) it is designed exactly for what
you want. However, I do not recall anybody using it and I have no idea if
any browser implements it correctly, much less if it works from within a

Another alternative is to use 304 responce code (NO_CHANGE) which can be
used if the browser did GET request with if-modified-since header set.
Then server responds with 304 (page not modified, use what you have in
cache) and no body. So if you re-request  a current page, it might work.
Again, I have no idea how it would influence the scripts. It might
reload/restart them.

Another alternative again is to use java applet and let it call the
server from within (using URL.connect). Then you can ignore results and it
would not (in fact, cannot) be displayed in the browser.

Hope it helps,

Ps. Neither Question nor Answer have much to do with www-html. Further
discussion (if needed) should probably go to an appropriate newsgroup.

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