Re: C style macros in HTML

On 19 Dec 97, Joe Rice <> wrote:

> It seems to me that C style macros in HTML could dramatically reduce the
> size of many web pages.  For instance, when a graphic is used over and
> over again with particular alignment and size attributes, a "macro" tag
> ...

Well, a major problem is with deprecation: older browsers won't 
understand those macros so a lot of content will be lost.

It's better handled by the server: you can use server side includes.

In a way you can use macros with the OBJECT element using the "declare" 
attribute: I believe the HTML 4.0 recommendation allows for one to define 
an object without displaying it, and then specifying the reference later 

I haven't played around with this feature so I'm not familiar with how it 
works or even if the major two browsers support it.

See the current recommendations, Sec. 13.


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