Re: C style macros in HTML

On Fri, 19 Dec 1997, Joe Rice wrote:

> It seems to me that C style macros in HTML could dramatically reduce the
> size of many web pages.

These are very easily implemented on the server side already ( to reduce
disk space) and can also be implemented on the client side (to reduce
network load) using any of the script languages in use today.

And of course they are *already* implemented, in that SGML statements (I'm
sorry if "statements" is inacurrate terminology, I'm not fluent in SGML) can
be used to define new elements. Of course most popular browsers won't make
head or tail of them, and most would incorrectly consider them comments
because you'll have to use <! and > to delimit them. It's kind of like IE's
COMMENT element someone mentioned earlier. What the docs say is "backward
compatibility". What they mean is "backward compatibility with our previous
broken implementations". But that's the case with most useful features of
HTML. *sigh*

Or you could use XML. Oops, nobody supports that either.

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