Re: Comments on HTMl 4 draft (9/Nov/1997)


I previously suggested...
>> <MORE> Indicates means for getting further information on the topic
>> discussed.

Neil answered:
>I think that is a valid addition.
Well thank you.

Rob answered:
>Confusing. It implies a link going somewhere.
True, although I was thinking about any "further information" style thing,
eg "For More Information Read The Book" and "For Details Call Us On (0123)
456 789", etc. Not forcibly a URL link.

>Better to use CSS for change the appearence of
>(a special class of) the <A> element.
No... The point is we would like one for non-anchors, and also to be able to
do something like

   <P>It was very exciting and we
   all loved it.
   <MORE>See Also: <A HREF="xxx.html">Another Page</A>,
   <A HREF="yyy.html">Yet Another Page</MORE></P>

I have really needed this recently. I ended up using
   <P><EM CLASS=MORE>See Also</EM> <A>...</A></P>
If all we wanted was a special class of an element, <EM> would do fine.

I also suggested:
>> <COMMENT> Indicates text which comments on adjacent paragraphs.

Neil answered:
>I think this is also a valid addition, but it may be odd to recover a
>deprecated tag with a different meaning now...
True. Maybe <REMARK> or something would be better in that respect.

but Rob answered:
>Another bad idea.

>A page can be full of comments. Also, users my confuse
>that with <!-- --> which can lead to problems. Something like <NOTE> or
><WARNING> was in the HTML 3.0 draft once.
They would be great! Anyone know why they were removed?

BTW - going with what someone was saying about the use of <I></I> to
indicate a special term, why not have a <TERM> element. It could act as
<DFN>'s companion, so that search engines can look for definitions of a term
(DFN) and uses of a term (TERM).

Hmm... I like brainstorming new elements... !

Ian Hickson
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