Re: Comments on HTMl 4 draft (9/Nov/1997)

>> I have really needed this recently. I ended up using
>>    <P><EM CLASS=MORE>See Also</EM> <A>...</A></P>
>> If all we wanted was a special class of an element, <EM>
>> would do fine..

>Of course that means you are technically making the added
>section emphasized, which is clearly not the desire.

Exactly, hence the need for something along the lines of my
proposed <MORE> element.

>> BTW - going with what someone was saying about the use
>> of <I></I> to indicate a special term, why not have a
>> <TERM> element. It could act as <DFN>'s companion, so
>> that search engines can look for definitions of a term
>> (DFN) and uses of a term (TERM)..

>Why don't we just replace the logical defintion of <I>
>with "indicator", meaning that this text indicates
>something but is not any more or less important than
>the surrounding text, which would be consistant with
>what most people use <I> for, to indicate something.

Because I couldn't think of something which <I> could
stand for! <GRIN>.
That would be the best solution, effectively retro-fitting old browsers with
'improved' functionality and getting around the problem of a new element not
being immediately taken up. Horray!

Ian Hickson
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Received on Friday, 19 December 1997 14:52:03 UTC