Re: Commitment to Standards

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
> If MS really wants to make points here, don't bother preaching
> to the choir: have the balls to make a real press release
> affirming MS's commitment to standards in direct opposition
> to Netscape's clear contempt of them, and then follow through.
> Remove the page on that advocates — and other
> illegal character entities, and fix MSIE to support the correct
> ones.  Add CSS1-based frames in addition to the old NS hack.
> Commit _now_ that MS will _not_ support the new Netscape-isms,
> put those functions into style sheets, and publicise how to use
> them correctly.  Make the Internet Assistants for Word and Excel
> generate valid HTML with stylesheets.  Commit to supporting
> PNG, so MSIE can actually read W3C's pages without gagging.

All excellent suggestions.  May i add one more -- sorely needed.

    Encourage consistently valid HTML:

    Give MSIE a source view that highlights the markup and
    *correctly* identifies valid and invalid markup, to help
    repair Netscape's corruptions of what people think is right.

I've seen the word "commitment" on Netscape's site far too many
times now.  Microsoft: this is your chance to show us what
"commitment" really means.


Received on Sunday, 30 June 1996 00:49:59 UTC