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First off, MS ain't no angel either. At least NCC releases updates to their
browser SIMULTANEOUSLY on ALL supported platforms. Until MS does likewise, I
really don't think any MS employee has a right to throw stones. I, for one, am
sick and tired of Microsoft's "Mac lag" behind Windows releases of supposedly
"core code" applications. I read that MS recently hired some programmers away
from Apple -- I hope this means they are working to eliminate (note I say
eliminate, not reduce) the lag. Where the hell is the MacOS beta of MSIE 3.0?
Put your money where your mouth is, and eliminate the platform lag. Until then,
don't throw stones.

>It is one thing to go ahead and introduce innovation and try to get
>concensus on the innovation, it is quite another to counter an emerging
>standard with desperate last minute random proprietary extensions.  The
>one mitigating factor is that these recent hacks don't come close to
>matching the functionality already available in browsers using style
>sheets.  Its only sad that some customers will confuse this with real

I won't use those new proprietary extensions. I still prefer Navigator
3.0b4 to Explorer 2.0.1 (which has horrible rendering bugs, btw), but I do
beg NCC to speed up the move toward style sheets and skip the stalling


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